Black Kangaroo

BLACK KANGAROO was finished and released in 1972. It shows a diversity, a sonic density, and a stylistic complexity that remains unequalled today. People say that "Black Kangaroo" was ahead of its time, and I have to agree: "That's A Good Question" is a work of timeless elegance, well ahead of 'new age' music, while "Billy's Tune" is prescient in its anticipation of spoken word music, or rap.

The re-release of "Black Kangaroo" includes bonus tracks that were recorded in my four-track studio in the late 70s. I like these tracks a lot: their sound, their energy, their exuberance and vitality are impressive. Listen to the four-track version of "Up Or Down"; that's the way the Kangaroo was playing the Bay back then. I think you'll find that the sound and the fury of Black Kangaroo — and its later incarnations — continues undiminished to this day.

Black Kangaroo is finally available on compact disc. Wounded Bird Records has released this CD. It is the only legitmate release of this album. To purchase click "order" from the above menu and go to my music store.

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