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well sir, and I think it might be sir calling day, and I'm thankful someone still at least knows what it sounds like, sir that is, so I'm thinking sir, may I blast a couple of your songs thru my head between motley crue and aerosmith cuz I always so loved the tapes between the shows and so I think and think and think and I'm pretty sure someone else knows what the inside of my brain sounds like and anyway US Sex yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! et I know lots of dead people too and most of them like it goes It ain't exactly a quarter inch plug but If ya want to sit on my lap I am sure you will hear something....plug me in, plug me in, I gotta dance.... On a seriouser note, seriouser is probably a word now, I've been reading a lot again, Pollyanna is freaking awesome if you can forget the movie...... So Scarlet,,,,I don't really give a damn,,,,loaded, that sounds like a good idea, just give me about thirty seconds, twenty-nine, twenty-eight, Jim dandy to the rescue
3 years 1 month ago
I'm a little late in posting to this editorial...but just got to thinking about all the things I take for granted (but am thankful for) in any given day. I, too, celebrate waking to each day with the ability to communicate, ride my bike, eat good food, drink good wine, listen to my music, sleep in a warm bed and have a comfy roof over my head. I'm thankful for my 87 year old mother's continuing spirit in spite of the obstacles she faces each day..for my 41 year old son's zest for life and my husband's unending tolerance of the crazy woman he married 45 years ago. I'm also thankful for this web site and for the genius behind its founder. Ok..I'm done. Back to the above mentioned good wine. M.V.
3 years 1 month ago
Has Rangel lost his mind??? Bring back the draft? I'm all for the rich kids going to war, but let's be realistic. This country is already divided enough with all of the other hot button issues of the day. The draft would ensure a split in this country worse than the Civil War. Rangel's heart may be in the right spot with regards to Universal Draft, but come on, all the draft is is population control. Is this the answer to the immigration problem? Did the draft serve its intended purpose during Vietnam? I'm all for the "Democratic Revolution" Tour 2006, at the same time some of its players are starting off on the wrong foot. Gingrich is starting up a 527 campaign to undo last week's election. Implementing a draft will certainly undo last week's election, as well. Wake up! I enjoy the peace and quiet in my neighborhood and don't wish to contend with the citizens vs. the police with the "Hell No We Won't Gos" while I'm trying to drive to the grocery!!
3 years 1 month ago
Wow, Americans can call him "Hanoi George" now! Corporations?........ The Donkey and Elephant need to go. The Democrats and Republicans can pick one oil company logo to be the symbol for both of them (yes, wishful thinking, but truth is truth)....They can make a whole drama out of it in the not so free press with all the polls as to which logo is going to win and keep us distracted entertained for a while. You know, all the hearings and speeches.......drag it out til 2008. Then I was thinking...gee if The Lemmon Company would be/ could be one of the leaders of the not so free world, throw in a yearly supply of the good old 714's I'd at least be calm, smiling, and numb as I'm being written off as depleted. Much better then going down in pain. Again, wishful thinking.........
3 years 1 month ago
Finally, Hanoi George gets to meet Hanoi Jane. Next a photo op for a new Turner Classic Movie called North meets South. And everybody gets to have their own flag, since the stars have disappeared, the stripes have been stripped and red, white, and blue is now only deep red with a yellow star. And, the only blue is Hanoi George in his new blue robe telling us that Vietanam and Iraq are one and the same war. So anybody out there reading this..take a look at the grand old American Flag and read between the stripes...if you can still find any.
3 years 1 month ago
Again well said and you've said it all! .........speaking of turds....In a certain sense the Italians have turned them into art.....being the wonderful artists that they are known to be. I saw a photo where a museum in Northern Italy put a work of "performance" art by an artist on display of a toilet with toilet paper in it and every time it gets flushed the Italian National Anthem starts to play. Now in the name of in the States the Anthem could be substituted with the Star Spangled Banner. Do you think Dr. Pete that art can be called "terrorism" with all these new laws that just got passed? As always a true patron of the arts...... Scarlet
3 years 1 month ago


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