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As Lenin famously asked: "What is to be done?" I don't much like most of Lenin's own answers to the question, but I think the question is one anyone who still cares about the planet should be asking. And thank you Doctor Pete for another morning's mallet of reality, a real hit to the noggin!
3 years 1 month ago
Don't I know it, Doc!?!? After my previous employer closed their doors I had to go on COBRA insurance. When enough of the other former employees left the group, our plan crashed. Now I have to pay half my gross monthly income just on medical insurance. THE INSURANCE COMPANIES CAN KISS MY CORN-FED IOWA ASS!!! WE NEED SOCIALISED MEDICINE!!!
3 years 1 month ago
I live in Canada, and its not much better up here....i'm a musician and i have suffered with depression and anxiety for a long time....i try and try to seek help...but the more i try the harder it gets....Pychiatrists are scum, all they do is take shots in the dark towards telling me what kind of pill i should "try" its not a science..its a fucking farce! If it was a so called "chemical embalance" with a "chemical solution" wouldn't they be able to scan your brain for chemical deficiencies to better select what chemical pills you should be taking?!?! I guess not...its just a money grab, i'm soo sick of it, and i know quite a few people in the same boat as me...nothing to do but sit around all day feeling like shit because there is no actual real help out there....its a fuckin disgrace!
3 years 1 month ago
I couldn't agree with you more. This president will go down in history as perhaps the worst of all times ... past and future.
3 years 1 month ago
Hope you don't mind if I quote you. The only other writer that is as eloquent, i.m.o. is John Le Carre. This from his (supposedly fictional)2003 book "Absolute Friends": "That war on Iraq was illegitimate, Mr. Mundy. It was a criminal and immoral conspiracy. No provocation, no link with Al Qaeda, no weapons of Armageddon. Tales of complicity between Saddam and Osama were self-serving bullshit. It was an old colonial war dressed up as a crusade for Western life and liberty, and it was launched by a clique of war-hungry Judeo-Christian geopolitical fantasists who hijacked the media and exploited America's post 9-11 psychopathy. All it takes for a war like that to start, Sasha tells me, is for a few good men to do nothing. Well, they DID nothing. Whether they're good men, that's another thing. The Democratic opposition did fuck-all. Stay home, sing patriotic songs till it's safe to come out was their policy. Jesus Christ, what kind of opposition is that? What kind of moral courage?"
3 years 1 month ago
Kalevi & Daniel are WAY more interesting to talk to then most people I know. "Bee, bee,'nother bee!" Kiss the boys for me. and...... free the basses!
3 years 1 month ago


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