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Sorry I did not say anything about Kansas but all I could envision was the biggest bowl of popcorn ever cooked.Or a hole in the ground that looked like a belly button with a big thing hanging off i.e Florida. I get my current events now from The Simpsons.Anyways those albums Going Home and Traveler Top of the chart on my listening agenda.Love to see you do a remake of Black Kangaroo and tour with it.Oh and about Florida its really New York now attack of the Greys and Blues.Try Playing Bikeweek would be a kick.We need some different acts down here to keep our sanity.
2 years 10 months ago
Doc, Age not withstanding the music played on mainstream Fm radio really does suck! The dismantling of the FM airwaves has been complete for a couple of decades at least. Maybe you should start writing in a more "Gangsta" vein. Tits, ass ,cash, cars, guns and money and if you've ever been incarcerated or shot you're a shoe in for success! Destroying the English language is also a huge plus. It's a fucking shame but I believe the music and art of era reflect the way the people of that era think. We are truly screwed! I might be old but Im not deaf or blind. Patch-
2 years 10 months ago
You are so right. There is a massive terrorist organization in the country. There are millions of them. Most of their leaders are easily found in the net. They are the christian right. These slack jaw, sister marrying douche bags celebrate their respect for life by killing doctors. Such was the case with Dr. Tiller. The doctor was a good man. The vast majority of the abortions he performed were on women whose fetus had died in the womb or whose fetus was suffering from a rare condition in which the brain was not developing and would have been born brainless. (Much like our former president) What these right wing tools are not mentioning is that Dr. Tiller had in his office adoption services as well as services that would inform patients of financial assistance and programs that would be available to them should they choose to have the child. He would, in fact, suggest abortion as a last resort. For this he gets shot in a church. I guess these christian extremists show their love of Jesus by killing in his church. As you pointed out this killing could have been stopped. The FBI had complaints about the killer as recent as the day before the killing. Yet they did nothing. As I write this right wing assholes are posting the names and addresses of other doctors and working up the mindless haters. Some of them will act out and some will kill again. What a country this is. What a disgrace these radical christian assholes are. Bob McPherson
2 years 10 months ago
Hello Peter, You are so right. Let me start by saying that I was a big fan of Obama and held several fund raisers in my home for his election. I thought we would get a new direction free from the felonies, frivolities and falsehoods of the Bush administration. It seems to me that right off the bat he fucked up by not going after the people in the Bush administration who were law breakers. He wanted to be nice and nonpartisan. Then, after months of reaching across the isle, he did react to the republican policy of being the party of no. No matter what he did or what concession he gave it was still no. He wanted to be nice. He continues to try to work with the assholes across the isle. Do you know how LBJ got all that great civil rights legislation as well as medicare passed. He was a prick. He let the congress know that if they didn't go along he would fuck with anyone not on board. It worked. In less than two hours I am going to watch the State of the Union Speech. I have the bottle of Wild Turkey ready becasue I think I'm going to need it. This month I became 58. I also saw the Supreme Court give away what was left of our democracy. I saw one of the most liberal states give away Ted Kennedy's seat to a Republican light weight and now I am about to see a Democratic president destroy social programs. Should the money come from the rich and the corpoate world, the fucks who caused the mess - YES. Should poor and sick have to suffer for the folly of the top fucks - NO. I will say that Obama probably did prevent the second great depression but unless he grows a set of balls his administration, which will last only three more years, will be considered a failure.
2 years 10 months ago
If the Democrats run for cover, if we become pale carbon copies of the opposition, we will lose and deserve to lose. -Ted Kennedy
2 years 10 months ago
Glad you're back. One point though. Clinton was still in office when the Cole was bombed.
2 years 10 months ago


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