The Shame Game

this is a shameful time in american history, and there's no shortage of shameful times ..... christ, we're only three months into the new year and we're peaking on shameful .... the media has reduced--and obama and clinton are complicit--the democratic presidential candidate's selection process to a cat fight, far beneath the dignity of a high school's student office campaign, although i'm not surprised that seventeen-year-old high school students are more dignified than our political candidates ..... while those two go hiss hiss meow meow at one another, that shit-handling mccain gets a free ride from the press .... keating five? yawn ..... on the take from lobbyists? snore .....

meanwhile, our fearless press still throws around shit words like "harsh interrogation techniques" or "tough interrogation techniques ....."

i'm sorry .... were you .... ha ha .... talking about americans torturing people?

jesus .....

excuse me .... i must go puke arterial blood into the potty ......

so today he actually vetoed the bill that would ... ha ha .... outlaw waterboarding .... our "news" "reporters" on "[N]ationally [P]uking [R]evolting" said that bush did it because he "didn't want to compromise his ability to fight terror ...."

that's such fucking horseshit .... why don't they just come out and say it? he wants to be able to pull the wings off of flies and set fire to kittens .... why, this is the compassionately conservative cocksucker that never met a n*g**r or sp*k or r*tar*d wh*te tr*sh that he wouldn't send to the chair or line up for a lethal injection ....

come out and say it, you chickenshit fucks: we executed n*ps after the second world war because they .... mmmm .... used 'harsh' techniques on us ..... we strung up a bunch of kra*ts too, and, just for the record, waterboarding isn't "simulated drowning:" it's a near death experience, without the white light and the heavenly choir and the crapture .....

the knee jerk crimes says: "President Bush shut down a Congressional effort to limit harsh interrogation techniques, cementing a legacy of fighting for strong executive powers."
gee, guys .... maybe you'd get more oxygen to your brain and think more clearly if you didn't have your collective heads so far up a republican's ass .... this doesn't cement his "legacy of fighting for strong executive powers:" this just reaffirms what so many of us have known for so long: he's a monstrous cretinous retarded sadistic fuck who's really put this country in touch with its roots: mass murder, genocide, greed, corruption, warmongering, saber rattling, and rampant assholism ....

legacy my fucking ass .....

but here's another puker fer ya:

the democrats will grant amnesty to the telecoms ....

gee .... who could ever have seen that one comin' down the pike?

thank god our economy's doing really well, and fortunately we've allowed the banks and credit card companies to rewrite bankruptcy laws so that .... ha ha ..... no one will ever go bankrupt, ever again!

next: dr. pete eschews sophomoric sarcasm

PETER KAUKONEN, San Francisco Bay Area guitarist, has played, toured, and recorded with Black Kangaroo, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Johnny Winter.

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