August 2007

The Bridge On The River Why

Aug 06, 2007 - Comments: 0

every now and then i indulge in a total fantasy world, one in which the "main stream llib'ral media" comes out of the closet and does it just like the nashinul inkwirer, and we'd see the knee jerk times with headlines like "dems to bush: fuck you, bitch!"

Back In Black .... And Blue

Aug 21, 2007 - Comments: 5

so .... i'm back ..... back from my bicycle vacation, back in black-and-blue ....

Dr. Peter's Only Farts Club Band

Aug 27, 2007 - Comments: 1

i don't watch tv or follow sports, so i don't know about and could give less than a shit about whoever it is that was (no .... hey .... i know it was michael vicks, quarterback for the atlanta falcons who, as he was being sentenced, sniffled "i need to grow up ..... i'd like to hear our politicians say that, but i'd like to see them busted first) just busted for running dog fights and killing dogs that didn't perform up to snuff .... ha ha .... snuff ..... snuff ..... oh, magic words of snuff snuff snuffles, make me throw up all my truffles .....

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