Going Home

Way back when the world was young and green, and Noah was just whipping the animals onto the ark, musicians were known to do "concept albums." They would tell a story in song.

"Going Home" is just such a project. I've used different musical styles and diverse instrumentation to create a musical timeline, a work describing the last year-and-a-half of my mother's life. But I was so present, so involved in that final journey, that it's about me as well.

It starts with flawless fingerpicking and stirring gospel harmonies in my arrangement of the traditional "Motherless Child," then works its way through the journey's inexorable stages to its inevitable end .... and beyond ..... with songs like the evocative and wistful "This Old House;" the dreamy "Going Home;" a compelling "Midnight Morphine," with its wailing wah-wah guitar; a Zappa-esque "The Fast Slide Down;" the exquisitely orchestrated "End of the Line;" the haunting "Hauling Ash;" the hypnotic and surreal "All Visitors Must Leave The Park," and, finally, the piano and cello piece, "C'est La Vie."

And there's more .... there's much more; "Going Home" is a work of great complexity and beauty, with lilting electric guitars, soaring strings, lush keyboards, and profound lyrics. It tells a story that, if you don't already know, you will ...... soon. To purchase click "order" from the above menu and go to my music store.

Sample the Music - Going Home

Motherless Child

Angel Face

The Orient

Hospice Shuffle

This Old House

Going Home

Midnight Morphine

The Fast Slide Down

Roller Coaster

End Of The Line

Hauling Ash

All Visitors Must Leave...

Hello Dali!

You Don't Care

C'est La Vie