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"authenticity" in politics .... oooo, that's what americans like, all right" .... the sheeples seem to like and accept new sanitized meanless defintions of same old words; don't they Dr. Pete? "what a bunch of "AUTHENTIC" assholes" ..... "what kind of person should bush appoint to the justic department now?" oh, he replahd, somewun thayut got some essperiense with justayus depahtments and big organizayshuns 'n' somewun who cayun bring bayuck some craydibilitee to the depahtment and i thought:: hey, asshole: how about someone who's competent?" Competent? that's a dangerous word for the U.S. government. Someone competent might actually get real problems solved. Reminds me of an excerpt from the FBI file of one of the Alcatraz Island Ocupation masterminds............"he's eloquent and therefore dangerous".......... "When Rep. Jan Schakowsky made her first trip to Iraq this month, the outspoken antiwar liberal resolved to keep her opinions to herself." "I come from an environment where people talk nine to 10 months," she said, referring to the time frame for withdrawal that many Democrats are advocating. "And there he was, talking nine to 10 years." "so ...... why is jan shitkowsky surprised? She's probably heard of "follow the money trail", but never heard of follow the permanent military bases along the oil well money trail. Then again the laser pointer could have thrown her off; Too high tech. She better start reading your editorials or when she learns it's gonna go past 10 might pick up a patient!!!
6 years 2 months ago
Take a bath and cut your hair hippie. Join the army and fight for your country instead of sitting around on your ass and playing your geetar singing communist folk songs and taking acid. You old hippie clowns are all the same. You live inside your drug minds instead of appreciating the sacrifice of the soldiers who die for your freedoms so you can sit around and take acid all day and write stupid shit on the computer. You democrats think your shit doesn't stink but your no better than the republicans. All you hippies are bisexual drug addicts who suck cock both large and small.
6 years 2 months ago
Aw we go again. They're comin' out of the woodwork Peter. Hey, Mr. Trickshot...or is it Prickpot...but in any event you left out pinko commie in your remarks, which by the way, Numb Nuts, are MOST welcome as this is America and gosh, golly, gee.....we can say what we want, can't we? I defecated the other day....and clearly detected an odiferous wafting of strawberry ice cream. Rock on Peter and Mr. NN ....go to your dish. MV
6 years 2 months ago
Dr. Kanga sez: .... you girls out there, i'm sure there's something that's similar, a procedure that leaves you feeling vulnerable and violated and penetrated, that happens regularly, that's for your own good ...... A girl answers..... Dear DOCTOR Kanga- It's called a pap smear. Feet in the stir-ups. A speculum (an instrument used to open the walls of the vaginal canal to see the interior) inserted into your vagina and opened slightly. When I say "slightly" I mean wide enough for a battle ship to dock. It's the most God awful thing ever. Then there is the mammogram, where they literally put your tits in a vice, over & over again. Top that muthafucka! "It's for your own good." Blow me. Hugs & kisses- ess
6 years 2 months ago
Hey Dr Kanga, maybe you should record your concert???? If you like the NEWS out there, ha ha, then listen to Kris Kristopherson sing 'in the news' sometime.....guess he hates the war and cowboy george too......arent elections coming sometime??
6 years 2 months ago
Well Dr. on as expected even without you having the news that's fit to print. As for tRickShot: I wonder what it is about the truths in "The Ballad of Saddam Hussein" and the two samples from Beyond Help" you have up on this site he doesn't get?????, Or the Sheep on the cover of Beyond Help........... Then I started to think....Gee, he left out so much: Amerika Love It Or Leave It, left wing liberal socialist, and oh dear the worst of the worst Anarchist. I could go on and on a pick apart his logic (i.e. he said "old hippie"...join the army and fight. We all know the military snags the 18 year olds.) And hey, maybe he's talking about the wrong war....after all weren't Hippies protesting Vietnam??? Oh well............... At least I get to see for myself the writings of one of the non- press corpse "Sheeples" you've been writing about, so I'm glad your site is a democracy where everyone can post what they want. And to Maureen.........Bravo!!!!!
6 years 2 months ago


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Thursday, February 11, 2010 - 10:52
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Monday, February 22, 2010 - 10:52
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