Supreme Abortions

the gonzales dog-and-pony show tends to be distracting; i almost .... i said "almost" ..... i almost felt sorry for this cretinous sack of shit ..... he was like a mouse that had had its legs broken, then found itself tossed into a turd-filled sandbox with a bunch of kittens who were just learning how to puff themselves up, hiss, hop sideways, and punch anything that was smaller, weaker, and more helpless than they are ..... like a dustball ..... or a shoelace ...... or an old tampon ...... yeah .... our politicians ... pretending that they had balls, "actin' tuff 'n' crackin' down ....."

little bitches ......

but i don't feel sorry for him .... you know who i feel sorry for? i feel sorry for us ..... this is our attorney general, for chrissake; what a limp dicked moron; what an ineffectual buffoon .... and he's our president's trusted man, enforcing the laws of the land .... oh, god ..... the republicans have been dumping their evil minions on us for years, like john mitchell, who left office in handcuffs; all truly qualified personnel have left the house, they've been forced out and replaced by the stepford bushies, and this is what we get: some homunculus dirtball who doesn't have the decency, the honesty, or the integrity to know what a scumbag he is and slash his wrists in a tub full of cherry jello ...... photographs show someone so clearly out of his depths that it's like watching a two-year-old, festooned with chains and lead ballast, tossed into the septic tank ...... and you shout, "swim, you bitch ..... swim!"

then you think, this smarmy little fuckeater had how much time to prepare for predictable questions? and this is what we get for our tax dollar?

gosh, is this any kind of reflection on the kind of thought and preparation republicans put into other .... mmmmm ...... important things? like unilateral pre-emptive invasions? and occupations of sovereign nations?

no ... i feel sorry for us ..... because while our democrats 'n' progressives might start to puff theyse'ves up 'n feel feisty and go mew mew mew mew mew and walk in the bowl of milk 'n' get little bitty droplets of milk on their whiskers, we're still being assfucked, and it's going to last a long, long time ...... gonzales is just a distraction from other "legal" shenanigans and inroads and incursions and abrogations and violations and depredations and rectal penetrations and let me quote from today's (april 20, 2007) new york times:

"Regulating abortion for the sake of a woman's health has been part of the court's consideration since Roe v. Wade in 1973; Justice Harry A. Blackmun wrote for the court then that "the state does have an important and legitimate interest in preserving and protecting the health of the pregnant woman."

In his majority opinion, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy suggested that a pregnant woman who chooses abortion falls away from true womanhood.

"Respect for human life finds an ultimate expression in the bond of love the mother has for her child," he said.

Justice Kennedy conceded that "we find no reliable data" on whether abortion in general, or the procedure prohibited by the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, causes women emotional harm. But he said it was nonetheless "self-evident" and "unexceptional to conclude" that "some women" who choose to terminate their pregnancies suffer "regret," "severe depression," "loss of esteem" and other ills.

Consequently, he said, the government has a legitimate interest in banning a particularly problematic abortion procedure to prevent women from casually or ill-advisedly making "so grave a choice."

well, girls 'n' guys: it's good to know that the state has an important and legitimate interest in preserving and protecting the health of the pregnant woman ...." that doesn't mean prenatal care, and it certainly doesn't mean day care, nor does it seem to extend to single payer health care .... it most assuredly doesn't mean that republicans will allow medicare to negotiate any medication pricing; why, all the republicans just voted down legislation that would once again allow medicare to use its clout, for the benefit of its constituency, to get them lower prices for better health .... but shit, they're not pregnant, and they're not the insurance and pharmaceutical industries that have ponied up contributions to the republican party .... and the democrats are joining them, dancing right along to the jingling of the cash register .....

this makes me sick; hey, kennedy, you fucking bitch .... won't you legislate something so i can stop puking blood on my recording console?

i'm appalled that this cretin thinks women .... no, let me back up here ..... people .... let's say "people" ..... casually make "so grave a choice ....." you senescent old asswipe; you think that abortions are how n****ers practice birth control? that poor people do this because they never finished school because our government doesn't fund schools any more and can't count well enough to .... ha ha ..... do the rhythm method? let's see; i'm in my sixties now; most of my partners through the years--at one time or another--had an abortion .... they didn't do it because it was fun; they didn't do it casually or lightly or with the kind of absurd reasoning our republicans who value life so much used as they invaded iraq; they felt bad before, during, and after .... and they would have felt worse and been worse off had they carried to term .....

there are a myriad reasons why a human being would have an abortion .... one that comes to mind is, if you bring a child into this world, you'd want to give it the best care you can .... if you're too young or too poor or too single or too without resources or ..... yada yada yada yada yada yada yada .....

or is the government's interest that they need a shitload of poor stupid people who have no options but to join the military? so we can continue global police policies for chevron and bechtel?

i'm always dumbfounded by arrogant men who don't have to carry a child to term, who have never given birth, who don't have to feed one or change diapers or have their teats chewed off by one and who start telling women what to do with their bodies and how to do it .....

isn't it interesting that, when you talk about abortions, you talk about the bushie supreme court?

next: dr. pete gets really pissed

PETER KAUKONEN, San Francisco Bay Area guitarist, has played, toured, and recorded with Black Kangaroo, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Johnny Winter.

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