Who's Sorry Now?

some days are better than others, and some weeks just suck rocks .... let me tell you about the last one: it not only sucked rocks, it gargled them, rolling them over and over, before spitting them out in a fine white powder .... mid-week last week my back was killing me to the point i couldn't sleep all night but ... ha ha ... that doesn't mean i get to rest through the day: i drive the boys to and from school, and kalevi was .... mmmmm ..... being vociferously tempermental, coming and going ..... it was all wearing and distracting, to the point that i got ticketed, for rolling a stop sign, four doors down from my house .....

i wondered if i should have the boys start going through the sounds of barnyard animals: boys, what sound does a horse make? and a cow? now, boys; what sound do pigs make? "do you know why i pulled you over?"

the answer is obviously "because you're on a fund drive and you could be pulling over all the shoppers on their cell phones, but no .... you have to be fucking with me when i've lived here for thirty fucking years and yada yada yada yada yada .... i didn't go into my song and dance because i was too tired but also because i've seen too many trophy wives in big cards pulled over of late, instead of the usual collection of the brown complected in old toyotas piled high with yard implements, plus we've been teaching the boys that police are their friends and what to say to them if they're ever lost .... so .... i really had no right to complain but .....

i thought i'd try it anyway ....

hey, ossifer, is said; i wanna be like all those politicians; you know, the ones that fuck up but then get to walk when they apologize, when they say with all the heartfelt sincerity they can muster how sorry they are ..... david vitter, republican of louisiana, comes to mind: an active participant in his local conservative church--and a conservative politican--he asked god and his wife for forgiveness: "please forgive me for payin' hooo-ers ta whup me an' make me lick their boots 'n' snoff their panties 'n' other body parts my wife won't do that with me i shore am sorry" and then of course there's daschle gosh darn it all honey do you know where my keys are and oh, here's one hundred and forty-five thousand dollars i'd set aside for taxes but just slipped my mind i didn't pay those taxes i sure am sorry" and then of course timothy geithner just the person i want overseeing my hard-earned tax dollars i can understand how someone who's worked for the international monetary fund and was head of citibank could just not know tax regulations and miss out on paying taxes to the irs it's an honest mistake and he said he's sorry so it's okay and so i said to the police i'm really sorry now how about getting on your fucking way i want to go home and take a nap and ....

what do you think happened?

i wonder if, say, some inner city dark-complected youth, caught with a little wacky terbacky on him, and facing double life for drug trafficking, said "i'm sorry .... my bad ...." what do you think would happen?

if we're going down the "i'm sorry" highway, there's something i'd like to hear ... what i'd like to hear is the republicans apologizing for being scumsucking obstructionist corpse fuckers: "we're sorry we're duplicitous evil fucks .... we're sorry the only ideas we have are to continue sabotaging our country in every way possible .... we're sorry we're traitors who want our wartime president to fail in a time of war .... we're sorry we hold the american people in utter contempt, loathing and disdain .... we're sorry we've sanctioned mass murder and genocide .... we're sorry we promulgated the mass looting of the world's resources ..... we're sorry we've obstructed all attempts to address global climate change, something that threatens each and every one of us on god's planet earth and ..... we torture puppies, too, but we've got to cling to something, okay? so lock up your dogs at night, bitch"

boy, do we have priorities, or what? let's give citibank another forty billion dollars because they need to pay bonuses to the sociopaths that institutionalized fiscal sodomy, but let's all vote against funding education in the "economic stimulus" package .... yessirree bob, that one hundred and fifty mil would be misspent if it taught our darker complected and less fortunate how to read or write ..... know why?

because educated people'd be less likely to join the army as the only way to make a living: cannon fodder for continued imperialist aggression ..... oooops! ..... i meant to say, safeguarding our national interests with unilateral invasions of oil producing regions ......

speaking of priorities, here's what ours look like .... go ahead, check it out:


i don't know what i can add to this ..... oh; while you're there, click on http://notmypriorities.org/sources and watch the little film with ben and his b.b.'s .....it's a hoot, it's a real hoot ......

it's possible that the first month of the obama presidency has really been carefully and strategically crafted to cement his position by "reaching out across the aisle" only to have "the hand of friendship" spurned and rejected by "crass craven cowardly evil satanic cocksucking monsters who pose and posture as 'patriots'" who advocate "fiscal responsibility" excuse me while i spew blood across the parquetry take another look at the link above there's your fiscal responsibility and now that they've been shown to be evil cretinous kobolds maybe he can pursue his agenda without having to pander to them any more but i don't know and it's raining outside nice that we've actually and finally got winter here in california but it's raining too hard for me to go out and bike the trails'd be all greasy i don't mind mud riding it's a legitimate excuse to wallow but i've had a chest cold for too long and it means the boys are inside and i've run out of kibble so's i can't lock them up in the garage and ....

next: dr. pete goes to starbucks

PETER KAUKONEN, San Francisco Bay Area guitarist, has played, toured, and recorded with Black Kangaroo, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Johnny Winter.

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