October 2007

Untitled Number 98.5

Oct 06, 2007 - Comments: 1

i recently finished a rock wall that i've been working on; it's drywall construction, built up out of lava rocks .... the rocks limn a slope and, when the rocks had settled in place i filled the declivity behind them with potting soil, soil amendment to break up the clay underneath it, and compost from my compost heap .... oh, don't go thinking that i'm some kind of organo freak; i spray my roses: the only reason i compost now is that the compost container was a wedding present ....

think about that: a compost heap for a wedding present!

the "hell" word

Oct 18, 2007 - Comments: 1

it's not that i've taken a sabbatical; i just had to take some time to deliberate over something i obviously need to say ... and what i've got to say isn't going to be easy .... because it's become so apparent to me that i've been, well .... it's really difficult for me to say this, but .... i clearly haven't been doing something right, my statements haven't been clear .... somehow, in some way, i've erred .... recent communications from readers have disturbed me because .... well .... because .....

Radio! Radio!

Oct 28, 2007 - Comments: 0

i'll be doing a live radio broadcast with michael lindner on bass and tim gahagan on drums on saturday, november 3 ..... we'll be doing West Coast Live!, where they've misspelled my name .... i've seen worse, though ....

you can check to see if there's a radio station that broadasts in your area by checking here: http://www.wcl.org/affiliates.html

broadcast starts at 10 am, live from rancho nicasio .....

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