May 2008

Toxic Shock

May 04, 2008 - Comments: 1

good morning .....

how's things in your neighborhood?

it's an overcast day here, one that would be perfect for long medicational--i mean "meditational"--bike rides up and over mountains, bagging views of forever and beyond--but i'm .... well ..... i'm in the doldrums, suffering from chronic outrage overload ......

i have an editorial series in the works, as well as my standard vituperations ready to roll, but .... i'm just feeling a little overhwelmed by the barrage of bullshit that's disseminated by a corrupt and diseased media ....

Oh! Mama!

May 10, 2008 - Comments: 0

i took the boys to school this mother's day week .... their mother had commitments on the day the preschool observed mother's day, so i filled in .... not that there's anything unusual about my taking the boys to school; i've been doing it since they started their preschool last september ... did i tell you that one year of preschool, for one boy, costs more than my entire stanford undergraduate career? oh, it's likely that they're learning more at preschool than i did at stanford, but still ....

Keeping Abreast of Things

May 21, 2008 - Comments: 0

it was really hot last week, the kind of heat you'd expect to find on the lowest level of the inferno, the level that's below child molesters, advertising executives, and oil company ceo's; the level that's below mass murderers, torturers; the level that's below republicans and .... oh .... ha ha .....

those are all republicans, aren't they?

Woo Hoo, Indeed

May 30, 2008 - Comments: 0

our sense of humor, of what's funny, has changed drastically in a few short decades; if you're familiar with richard pryor, you'll know what i'm talking about--you'll know that there was more to the making of humor, of creating laughter against a background of insight, than providing an internet link to youtube .... do you ever get tired of people forwarding you an endless stream of shit that's supposed to be funny?

you know, it just is so hard to write editorials now; i started this one eight days a...
Thursday, February 11, 2010 - 10:52
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