Obscene Worse? ....... No Way!

i'll try to be short and to the point today; i'm too busy puking blood, spatter-painting my foyer with arterial clots to write much .....

last week i wrote about how the nazis codified torture and mandated the presence of doctors at their gestapo "interrogations" .... today's associated press reports: "The U.S. military issued medical guidelines Tuesday for the treatment of prisoners, formally directing doctors at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere to force-feed hunger strikers whose lives are in danger and granting doctors a limited role in interrogations." [italics mine]

nice, guys .... that's really, really nice ..... we sure are number fucking one, aren't we? we're not number two, no way .... we're number one .....

oh, and we've just seen the american electorate come out in full force .... less than 30% of californians saw fit to vote ..... why is that, i wonder .... because we're not running another fucking movie star for high government office? because there aren't any "issues?" the san diego republican who will replace randy "gimme all your fucking money so i can shit on the flag and whore out my office and responsibilities to any fucking corporation or lobbyist who has my number and you can find my numbers on all the finer restroom walls"cunningham says that "it's not the corruption of one person that's at issue ..... it's the twelve million illegal aliens in this country that are the issue ....."

thank you, you scum-sucking bitch, for being up front about your blatant racisim, and thank you, southern californian republican christians, for legitmatizing it ..... and thank you, george bush, for frosting the shit cake of racism with vigilantes on the mexican border ......

meanwhile, it's time to blame those goddamned ass-fucking carpet-munching gender-blurred homos and gays for the moral degeneracy of this country ..... why, it must be dick cheney's daughter, eating pussy around the clock, that so unhinged marines in haditha they had to shoot two- and three-year-old children ..... wouldn't want 'em to grow up and be gay now, would we? thank god they weren't aborted; if they had been, who would jesus kill? and thank god our soldiers could do their job which, the last time i looked, was killing people .....

nossir: killin' kids ...... that's one job we don't outsource .......

good thing our congress is so on the ball that they can take up their time with constitutional amendments about who should get married .... oh, and how could i forget flag burning? i wonder what it's like to be so ..... so ..... relevant .....

but wait .... there's more!

now we're going to legislate penalties for obscenity on our airwaves, the ones that the public owns but somehow let corporations take over, just like national forest land .... "This is a victory for children and families," said Senate sponsor Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan. The higher fines were needed, he said, "in a world saturated with violent and explicit media."... what a shameless fucking cocksucker ..... half a million iraqis dead, but they're just fucking rugheads, and we sure don't want to see n*****s on teevee .... because the cattle might get ..... mmmmmm ..... curdled ..... if they were to see what our corporate policy was doing with their tax dollars, and the tax dollars of their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren .......

and speaking of n******s, boy, i sure want janet jackson fined for showing artificial titty on teevee ..... but you know what?

i think george bush in the white house, i think that's obscene .... i think dick cheney, telling tom daschle to go fuck himself, that's obscene ..... i think it's obscene that we'd let a great american city get flushed down the fucking toilet and not blink a fucking eye ..... i think it's obscene that we've stigmatized and demonized our dark-complected and our "gender others ...." i think it's outrageously obscene that scumsuckers like joe lieberman'll get their dicks hard over someone fucking, but won't rally to the flag when there's a call to impeach this presidential poseur or, at the least, censure him ..... i think lobbyists and corporations controlling energy and pharmaceuticals and medicine policies and pricing and yada yada yada yada yada, i think that's fucking obscene .... i think our media is fucking obscene, i think condi "excuse me i can't read memos about terrorists attacking this country because there's a shoe sale at ferragamo's" is obscene ..... i think less than thirty percent of the registered voters in california voting is obscene .... no wonder republicans can steal election after election ..... most voters don't give a shit and the media wouldn't report it anyway ..... why would they? they're owned by the very corporations that have turned us into a third-world fourth-rate shopping mall, where pigs fuck in the streets, tom delay plays golf in scotland, and you, my friend, you who is one of the three people reading this, are the natural resource that exists only to be strip-mined and exploited and sheared like the bleating ruminant you are .....

am i missing anything?

oh ..... i missed the wastebasket with that last hurl ....... but it gives the entrance hallway that flocked look that's all the rage .......

next: i don't know about next week ..... it'll be more of the same, only worse ..... and all i wanted to do was play some fucking music

PETER KAUKONEN, San Francisco Bay Area guitarist, has played, toured, and recorded with Black Kangaroo, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Johnny Winter.


Maureen Valley says:

Sydney, et al:

Peter's voice is a welcome reprieve from the drivel we're force fed daily by the various forms of media. I don't know fact from fiction much of the time....(I often have to check my surroundings to see if I'm where I should be and dressed properly)....but Peter's words are a centering force.
My gratitude is tantamount to...uh....well....the Headlands of Marin.....for what it's worth.

Submitted by Maureen Valley on Thu, 07/17/2014 - 12:43
Sydney Littenberg says:

there's more then three people out there reading what you write. i've become a regular myself. just wanted to say hello and thanks. keep it up. sydney

Submitted by Sydney Littenberg on Thu, 07/17/2014 - 12:43
"Wildman" Dave ... says:

Ann Coulter is a bitch. Ah-hem. I feel better now. Just had to get that one out of my system. No sooner is ZARQUAWI dead, are they right back to plugging Coulter's book, same as yesterday??? Where, or what are the priorities anymore!

Doc, I salute you 100% on your thoughts on today's journalism, or in some cases, lack of it. Murrow would be proud! Good night...and good luck.

Submitted by "Wildman" Dave ... on Thu, 07/17/2014 - 12:44

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