Up Your Meds

Jan 21, 2007 - Comments: 0

well ......

He's Back .... and He's Tired

Jan 15, 2007 - Comments: 4

I hope that i'm back, after a litany of technical woes that include the scrambling of my orders page, the disappearance of the website, and the interminable nigglings with a non-responsive and meretricious corporate america .....

could any of this be due the accuracy of my analyses, assessments, and indictments of a corrupt and conscienceless administration so jaded and cynical it cannot even muster the energy to be marginally disingenuous?

Piss On Earth, Land Fill For Men

Dec 15, 2006 - Comments: 3

michael and i played on krsh.fm last night; we had a great time and, if you didn't hear it, it may still be possible to access the broadcast via krsh.com .... i don't know how this computer pod stuff works, so don't take my word for it, but go ahead: check it out .... thanks to andre at krsh; a most gracious host and a knowledgeable man, he provided an all-around pleasant atmosphere for playing and chatting ....

The Doctor Pete Radio Hour

Dec 12, 2006 - Comments: 1

a reminder: michael lindner and i are doing a live radio broadcast, thursday, december 14, 8:00 pm pst, on santa rosa's krsh.... i'm sure they do a live podcast or whatever one does these days; check us out: http:www.krsh.com........

let me reiterate that for an indeterminate period of time download orders of black kangaroo will get a bonus: "going home" shipped to your doorstep .....

Black Kangaroo, The Archives .... And More

Dec 09, 2006 - Comments: 2

mel brooks .... no .... no! mel gibson! mel gibson! mel gibson's done another picture that features violence, revenge, pursuit, torture, and .... subtitles .... so that the masses can understand an historical and incomprehensible language .....

The Great Pretender

Dec 03, 2006 - Comments: 2

this is, i think, from a recent maureen dowd column in the new york times:

Fake fur and real fur and jewelry and Jet Skis,
Crystal and Segways and bubbly and Caddies,
Race cars and leather and plasma TVs
These are a few of Kim's favorite things.

and these are just some of the things that our little bush, because he wants to "irritate" kim jung il, is now going to deny the north koreans ....

Gobble This

Nov 27, 2006 - Comments: 2

geez .... i got through thanksgiving with good friends, good food, and some epic bike rides in forty degree weather, with the rain slashing horizontally .... there's no such thing as too cold or too wet, only inadequate clothing ..... plus, i've been loaded to the tits on turkey tryptophan, and with all these good feelings ....

i find that i'm still in america ....

shit ..... what happened?


Nov 22, 2006 - Comments: 3

it's time to be thankful again ....

do we really have to wait until we're told to be thankful, once a year?

you know me ..... whining is not just a profession: it's an aptitude, a gift, and a skill that i practice every day .... but still ....

Passion Fruits

Nov 17, 2006 - Comments: 3

never think that bushy-boy is the "leader of the free world;" he couldn't lead his dog to a fire hydrant on a leash .... and don't think that prick cheney is the [only] one pulling george's strings: no, exxon is the leader of the not-so-free world; chevron is the leader of the not-so-free world; glaxo-smith-klein is the leader of the not-so-free world ......

The Excremental Vision

Nov 13, 2006 - Comments: 1

it seems like the stomach flu, which laid me out for a week, was a cosmic metaphor for the electoral process in this mid-term election: america got rid of its vile shits in a resounding fashion ..... i lost seven pounds in five days and am still weaker than i'd like to be, but maybe this metaphor won't hold for america and, with the expulsion of so many noxious turds, maybe we'll emerge stronger and healthier and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, while extending universal health care to its citizens .....


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