Pulp Friction

Sep 28, 2006 - Comments: 0

positano, italy; september 23

Post Script

Sep 18, 2006 - Comments: 0

i thought i'd be gone, but i just couldn't leave it alone .... after, of course, the spewing of intestinal blood into the toilet ... that's what happens when i read the "papers" or listen to the "news" or tune into the radio and hear the whoreshit about our whoretime presid .... well, from now on i'm just going to refer to it as "the thing in the white house," kind of like an h.p. lovecraft novella, that goes from bad to worse to more sickening than you ever thought possible ....


Sep 16, 2006 - Comments: 0

a friend of mine just wrote to ask me if i'd heard that an unnamed democratic candidate was proposing we send more troops to iraq to finish the job ..... i replied that i hadn't specifically heard that, but that i wasn't surprised .... what we have in this country is one party with two right wings, and the democrats are tripping over their own (very tiny) dicks to prove to the american sheeple that they're tougher, badder, hate homosexuals more, and can fuck more "salamifasicststs ...." i mean, "islamo-fascists," than their republican counterparts .....

9/11, 24/7

Sep 09, 2006 - Comments: 1

i'd been collecting headlines and snippets from the "media," painstakingly selected just to show you how lame and co-opted and irrelvant they are, and how they misguide, mislead, obfuscate, dissemble, fuck you in the ass while giving a handjob to the republican party, before sucking karl rove's kum and george bush's anemic splooge off a teacup saucer while blowing scumbubbles out their noseholes, but .....

The Asses of Evil

Sep 01, 2006 - Comments: 0

here we are, one year after katrina wiped out new orleans ..... it's still fucked up there, you know? and that's not the only place it's fucked up: i heard that, like the "test your strength" concession at the fair, we've hit two thousand six hundred and something dead soldiers in eeeee-rack ..... they must be hearing the theme from "rocky" in washington: our government "officials" must take that to mean we're gettin' strong now -- those insane mass murderers plan their war on iran--oh, great guys ... let's do another fucking war ....

War Shit and Whore Shit

Aug 25, 2006 - Comments: 2

war, war, war, war, war ..... we're busy little ratfuckers; we're always fighting something or someone .... price wars, gas wars, star wars; product wars, market wars, war on fat, war on cholesterol, war on carbs .... there's a war on crime which criminals keep on winning ...... we're up to our ears in wars, and all these wars, these open ended wars, the ones that never have an end unless they're bringing no profit to war profiteers, well ..... it's just war shit and whore shit and horse shit .....

The Guns of August

Aug 21, 2006 - Comments: 2

i started writing this on august 10, in the san francisco airport, as i waited to board a plane out for jfk airport on the 10th of august ......

in the wake of the media's blitzing the terror quotient of shampoo, conditioner, bottled water, and starbucks coffee, other putatively newsworthy items went unheralded, to wit, "baghdad's morgues announced 2000 customers in the month of july ....." (other news reports state 3,492 people killed this month; that's more than a 9/11 every month ..... )

Military Intelligence

Aug 08, 2006 - Comments: 1

here's the calibre and quality of our brave soldiers who are defending our freedoms, and it's a clear reflection of their leaders ..... the soldiers who are up for the rape and murder ot the fourteen-year-old iraqi girl and her family were on the stand yesterday .... one said that his partner held the girl's arms while he .... well, he thought he raped her, but he wasn't sure; he wasn't sure if he'd succeeded .... he was pretty sure the family was dead because his buddy came out with the ak and he was laughing, but ..... he wasn't sure about the rape ....

Untitled # 445,682

Jul 28, 2006 - Comments: 2

i played a show last night with my old friend michael lindner playing bass .... after thirty years of playing together (off and on, mind you) i think we're getting pretty good .... and i also figure that we've finally arrived ....

gee, pete, what makes you think that?

Get Your Growl On

Jul 24, 2006 - Comments: 0

Detroit, MI General Motors, always sensitive to the market demands and the needs of Americans, has launched a new advertising, promotional, and product campaign to support their wildly popular Hummer. The television campaign features a young mother who, in spite of the best efforts of the Bush Republicans to protect her from universal health care, adequate education for her children, a democratic electorate, decent wages for people of color, or terrorist attacks on Indiana petting zoos, finds herself in the midst of a threatening world.


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